Greg Sandow Named Culture Kettle’s First “Innovator in Residence”

December 20, 2010

Culture Kettle L3C, the new experimental research and programming organization, is proud to announce that New York-based composer, author, and consultant Greg Sandow will be the organization’s inaugural Innovator in Residence. Sandow will work with Culture Kettle to create new knowledge about classical music audiences and explore new ways of connecting them to the art form.

Culture Kettle, which was introduced here in October and described by its founder Peter Linett in several recent blog posts (part 1, part 2, and here), will be an R&D center for the cultural sector, conducting exploratory research and creating and evaluating innovative public experiences on an experimental basis.

Sandow will help lead that charge in the classical music arena. A widely-cited authority on the future of classical music, Sandow serves on the faculty of the Julliard School, writes an influential blog on, and consults with orchestras, universities, and other institutions on audience development and engagement. He is also an active composer and veteran music critic whose essays have appeared in the Wall Street Journal and other national publications.

Sandow’s affiliation with Culture Kettle will begin in January, 2011 and run for an initial term of two years. He will help develop a variety of research and programming projects designed to shed light on the relationship between classical music and its audiences, including potential audiences. One focus for those research studies and programming experiments will be understanding and engaging young audiences.

Some of that work will be done in collaboration with, and physically within, existing music organizations, and some will be done independently, in alternative venues and spaces.

Culture Kettle founder Peter Linett is thrilled to be collaborating with Sandow. “For years Greg has shaped my thinking about classical music’s relationship to contemporary culture, and in the last few months we’ve had head-spinning conversations about what we, as a field, still need to know and still need to try. I’m delighted that we’ll have an opportunity to bring those ideas to life together, in collaboration with like-minded colleagues and musicians around the field.”

Sandow is equally excited about the new organization and his role in it. “From the moment I first read Peter’s blog, I knew I’d found a kindred spirit. Getting to know him personally has only made me feel more in tune with him. When I think of the work we and others can do together, I’m thrilled. We can gather information that the classical music field urgently needs, and collaborate on pilot projects to show how classical music really can find a new, young audience.”

For more information about Sandow’s work or Culture Kettle, please contact Peter Linett by email or at (773) 348-9200.


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