LaPlaca Cohen Turns to Slover Linett for Branding Research in Theater and Architecture

July 11, 2012

We’re pleased to be supporting the work of our friends at LaPlaca Cohen, the leading strategic marketing firm for the cultural sector, with audience research for two celebrated organizations: Roundabout Theatre Company and the American Institute of Architects. Our studies are informing branding and positioning initiatives designed to broaden and deepen public engagement with these institutions' offerings.  

For Roundabout, the nation’s largest not-for-profit theater organization, Slover Linett recently conducted qualitative and quantitative studies to help LaPlaca Cohen develop a strategic branding and positioning platform. We recently completed a series of in-depth discussion groups with the company’s subscribers and single ticket buyers as well as other New York-area theater patrons. We then developed a survey to measure the attitudes and perceptions of Roundabout’s audiences. The resulting insights helped make the branding and positioning work more resonant and audience-centered.

Slover Linett’s research for Roundabout was directed by Sarah Lee, who leads the firm’s arts & culture practice. “Theater has the largest and most diverse audience of any of the performing arts we study,” she notes. “It’s always fascinating to study how 21st-century audiences connect to this ancient art form, and I’m excited to help Roundabout and LaPlaca strategically harness that connection.”

Our work for the American Institute of Architects is being led by Chloe Chittick Patton, also a vice president at Slover Linett. This research plan involves exploratory studies to guide a repositioning effort for AIA, followed by testing research to gauge the effectiveness of potential positioning concepts with target audiences. The most successful of those concepts will then be translated into a new institutional position and messaging platform for AIA as well as a new graphic identity by LaPlaca’s other partner on this project, Pentagram, the internationally renowned design firm.

“We’re excited to be contributing to a brand strategy and identity initiative that’s so community-oriented and forward-looking,” says Chittick Patton. “It’s great to be able to bring our experience with both cultural brands and the membership-and-association world to this project.”

For more information about our work with LaPlaca Cohen, Roundabout Theatre Company, or the American Institute of Architects, please email Sarah Lee or Chloe Chittick Patton or call (773) 348-9200.

Category: Performing arts

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