Performing arts case studies

The arts organizations that are able to innovate successfully are the ones that have a nuanced, up-to-the-minute understanding of their audiences. We've helped a wide range of arts administrators, marketers, and programmers achieve that understanding. Here are just a few of the ways we've done it.

Subscription models research
Client: A leading regional theater
Project: Focus group research to evaluate potential new subscription packages, policies, and messages.
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Consortium audience study
Client: A city-wide arts consortium
Project: Audience research to help an arts community collaborate to build audiences.
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Patron tracking surveys
Client: A leading symphony orchestra
Project: Ongoing surveys to keep marketing, artistic, and other departments abreast of audience perceptions and trends.
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You can also browse our case studies for museums, colleges and universities, and other nonprofits.

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March 14, 2014 | Nicole Baltazar

Multiculturalism is key for creating inclusive arts experiences


Last month, Coca-Cola aired its now-famous Super Bowl ad depicting people from various racial, ethnic, and cultural groups singing “America the Beautiful” together in different languages. Among the instant outpouring of polarized reactions to this ad rang much praise for its depiction of a multicultural America. Yet the ad provoked a slew of negative responses as well. Many of the ad’s detractors questioned whether this multicultural America could ever feel as cohesive as an America whose citizens speak a common language, and therefore have taken great strides toward assimilating into a common culture.

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